Participating Authors

Alison Barnet

    Sitting Ducks, 2014
    South End Character, Speaking Out on Neighborhood Change, 2013
    Extravaganza King, 2004
    Once Upon a Neighborhood (coming 2019)

Blackfoot Warrier

    My Moccasins Got Holes – South End
    American Indian Poetry – South End
    Homeless – South End
    American Indian Poetry, 2003 

Jim Botticelli    

   Dirty Old Boston, 2014

Charlie Caizzi

   Just So You Know, 2013

   Just for the Fun of It 2018

Bill Corbet


Carolyn Crockett

    People Before Highways

Joan Diver

    When Spirit Calls: A Healing Odyssey

Thom Donovan    

    Yes, Pun Intended    

    John Lennon

Lorenze Finison

    Boston’s Cycling Craze, 2014

Sal Giarratani

Jean Gibran

   Kahlil Gibran, Beyond Borders, 2017
   (with Kahlil Gibran), Kahlil Gibran: His Life and World, 1974
   Love Made Visible: Scenes from a Mostly Happy Marriage, 2014


Julia Glatfelter

     A Place to Call Their Own (Children's Art Center)

Lisa Gordon

Doug Hall

Ralph Kee

   The Prophetic Task

Mel King

   Love is the Question and the Answer, 2013
   Streets, Poem Book, 2006    
   (with James Jennings) From Access to Power, 1986
   Chain of Change, 1981


Russ Lopez

   The Hub of the Gay Universe: An LGBTQ History of Boston, Provincetown, and Beyond

   Boston's South End

   Boston 1945 - 2015


Bonita McIlvaine

   5 Squares, 2013

Kathy Medaglia

Florence E. Potter

   Resilience, 2018

   From Within, 2013


Lynne Potts

   Faces of a Neighborhood, 2016
   A Block in Time, A History of Boston’s South End from a Window on Holyoke Street, 2012 


Lauren Prescott

    Boston's South End

Anthony Sammarco

B. A. Shapiro

    The Art Forger

    Collector's Apprentice

Stephanie Schorow

   Inside the Combat Zone

   Drinking Boston

   The Crime of the Century

   Boston on Fire

   The Boston Mob Guide


George Stergios

Matt Regan


Sylvie Tissot

     English version of De Bons Voisins

Gabriel Valjan

Robert Wilhelm

   Wicked Victorian Boston, 2017

Other South End Authors

(who have great books but can't make this year's event)

Gary Bailey


Gary Bratsos
    South End Stories, 2014

Christopher Castellani
     Leading Men


Carla Coch

   Infinite Place

   Spirit and Vessel 

Henri Cole


William Corbett

James DeCrescentis
Pounding the Door into Gray

Velma Dupont 


Jackie Fallon

Haywood Fennell


Jim Flanagan

   Comfort Zone 


Lawrence and Lynn Foster
    Defending Diversity: Contemporary Philosophical Perspective

Philip Gambone 
    Something Inside
    Beijing: A Novel
    Travels in a Gay Nation


Jack Gantos




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